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Lists and sets

The following shows how to work with and define a list of nodes in GSA. A similar procedure can be used to define lists of elements and other entities.

  1. Go to the Graphic view and choose the Select nodes cursor mode: icon (N)

  2. Select your nodes.

  3. Choose Ctrl+C (Edit > Copy) to put the selected nodes into a list on the clipboard. You can then use Ctrl+V (Edit > Paste) to paste the list where you wish to use it, e.g., a list of nodes to which node loads are to be applied.

  4. To permanently save this selection as a list, Right click > Save selection as list. Give your list a name and save. Lists can also be edited in Explorer pane > Data > General data > Lists.

  5. View your saved lists in Explorer pane > Views.

See the GSA Reference for more on this topic.