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Member Restraint Conditions

Member Restraints allow a member to have its restraint defined at one location along its length. They allow specification of restraint in two different ways: by use of a relatively user-friendly dialog box, or by an abbreviated mnemonic text syntax.


For steel design a steel material grade must be defined. Properties used in the steel design are taken from the steel material grade and not from the analysis material. The Grade Wizard should normally be used to define the steel grade properties.

Steel Member Design

Steel design works on a member-by-member basis and checks each member for strength and/or serviceability using the combination cases specified. Sections are drawn from the Steel Section Pool that the member refers to and these serve as possible candidates for the design. If a member fails a check, it is assigned a fitter section from the pool. Sections are ranked based on the Design Objectives.

Steel Section Pools

The steel section pool allows sections to be grouped for design purposes. In steel design the process is one of choosing a suitable section. If a member refers to a section in a particular pool, it can end up with any of the sections included in that pool after the design task has been run.