# Titles

The titles dialog can be accessed from the Data explorer and from the Model > Data modules > Titles menu command.

This sets the title information for the model.

The title entries are printed at the top of each page of output. For a new file, certain entries default to those in the last file that was saved, but can be changed here.

# Definition

Job number, initials

The job number, and initials are alphanumeric strings used to identify the job and the creator of the model. This is not used in the analysis.

Job title, subtitle and calculation heading

The title and subtitle of the job and a description specific to this particular model.


Notes on the model can be stored here. This is a text field that can be appended to as required.

Location information

The location information if used to set some country and site specific information. For most GSA model this can be ignored. The angle to north is used in some tools to identify the different faces of a building in terms of north, south, east and west. The currency used the standard ISO 4217 three-letter currency abbreviations.