# GSA 9.0 Release Notes

# Product Restrictions

Item Category Description
1 Solver Link element forces and reactions at nodes on link elements can be wrong when the link elements are connected in a chain.
2 Solver Element offsets cannot be analysed by GsRelax.
3 Solver If the constraint axes of the two nodes of a joint differ the model cannot be analysed by GsRelax.
4 Solver Distortion loads not acting at the end of a beam or not in the x, y or z direction cannot be analysed by GsRelax.
5 Solver GsRelax uses 4 triangular elements to simulate a Quad 4 element in the analysis in which a dummy node at the centre of the Quad 4 element is introduced. The results at the 4 nodes are the average of the results of the two adjacent triangular elements and the results at the centre is the average of the 4 triangle elements. It is expected that the results are not consistent with true 4-noded quad element.
6 Solver In the post-processing of 1D element results, the original length rather than the deformed length is used in the calculation of beam shear forces and moments. If an element is loaded and its deformed length is significantly different to its original length (and the results are from a GsRelax analysis), the output of beam shear forces and moments may not be correct.
7 Interface When running Remote Desktop on a Windows 7 machine to access another machine to run GSA, the performance of Graphic Views may be degraded with rubber-banding leaves a trail, selection marks not 'sticking' and legend text badly formatted.
8 Interface There can be graphics issues with OpenGL in GSA. These are normally resolved by updating the graphics drivers. On Windows 7 this may not resolve the problem and in this case it is recommended to upgrade the operating system to Windows 10.
9 Design Design for serviceability implements checks on the original member sections rather than the updated member sections. To ensure that serviceability conditions are met it is necessarly to update elements, reanalyse and then check the serviceability criteria.

# 9.0 Release Schedule

Build Release Date
9.0 Build 95 5-Apr-19
9.0 Build 92 19-Mar-19
9.0 Build 91 21-Feb-19
9.0 Build 87 8-Feb-19
9.0 Build 86 5-Feb-19
9.0 Build 84 7-Jan-19
9.0 Build 81 14-Dec-18
9.0 Build 77 12-Nov-18
9.0 Build 73 18-Oct-18
9.0 Build 70 20-Sep-18
9.0 Build 66 3-Sep-18
9.0 Build 64 21-Aug-18
9.0 Build 62 19-Jul-18
9.0 Build 57 6-Jul-18
9.0 Build 54 15-Jun-18
9.0 Build 49 25-May-18
9.0 Build 43 4-May-18
9.0 Build 42 1-May-18
9.0 Build 36 14-Mar-18
9.0 Build 30 12-Feb-18
9.0 Build 28 24-Jan-18
9.0 Build 25 11-Jan-18
9.0 Build 21 13-Dec-17
9.0 Build 19 23-Nov-17

# 9.0 New Features

Category Description
User interface Significant overhaul of user interface introducing:
Customizable toolbars
Interactive status bar
Improved dockable panes
User interface New html output views with better export to Excel.
Analysis Explicit time-history solver for linear and non-linear analysis.
Analysis Brick elements - solid and infinite elements.
Analysis Improved soil-structure analysis with the option to model soil using 3D FE
Analysis New spring elements for gaps, lockup and friction.
Interaction New API functions to allow more powerful interaction with GSA.
Interaction New import and export of model data via IFC.
Interaction New options to allow more complete definition of LS-DYNA models and export of LS-DYNA key files.
General New sections and material grades including reinforcement in concrete sections for exchange of section data with other Oasys programs.
Design Improved steel design to allow steel section selection from section pools.
General Option to allow for column rigidity in mesh generation and new feature to create and mesh floor slabs for frame models.
General Grid loading can now be applied to 2D elements as well 1D elements, using grid surfaces.
General New 64 bit only version and use of 64 bit arithmetic in calculation.

# 9.0 Minor Enhancements

Item Category Description Status
ME GSA-796 General GSA can now output relative translations and rotations at beam ends. Build 84
ME GSA-788 Design Improved RC slab reinforcement calculations to prevent incorrect failure of reinforcement calculations. Build 81
ME GSA-787 File I/O Text file format adjusted to be compatible with previous version to avoid issues with GSA COM. Build 81
ME GSA-776 General Beam elements can now be set to be compression-only or tension-only. This is only activated in the non-liear solver. Build 79
ME GSA-774 Output Shear stresses now available for general I sections. Build 79
ME GSA-738 Output Tidied the output of RC slab properties. Build 73
ME GSA-645 General The import from LS-DYNA keyword files now reads section (defined by shape and dimensions) and 2D properties. Build 58
ME GSA-362 General Assembly properties can now be reported for positions along the assembly. Build 58
ME GSA-486 File I/O Saving a text file from GSA now allows the file to be written in either SI units or user units. Build 48
ME GSA-486 Graphic view The hover/selection marks in graphic views have been tidied to give a clearer indication of what is highlighted. Build 42
ME GSA-489 Modelling The export to LS-DYNA no longer requires the element properties to be defined, allowing the used to export the model and add properties later. Build 42
ME GSA-483 Design This improves the successful rate in calculating slab reinforcement areas. Build 42
ME GSA-475 File I/O GSA now detects unicode in gwa files and allows reading of ASCII or UTF-8 files. Build 42
ME GSA-429 General Improvements to speed when working with large models compared with GSA 8.7. Build 36
ME GSA-417 Modelling A new option allows geometry to be imported from an LS-DYNA file. Note this does not recognise *INCLUDE keyword, so any nclude files are ignored. Build 36
ME GSA-386 Modelling An option is added to specify time of creation of members, plus additionally for concrete members the time at start of drying and loading. Build 30
ME GSA-351 User interface New field in combination cases that allows a note to be added. Build 28
ME GSA-306 User interface New option to display the Nationally Determined Parameters from Design Specification when Eurocode based code is selected. Build 24
ME GSA-287 Output Added zoom in/out feature to the Output View using the Tools -> Window -> Fonts dialog box Build 21
ME GSA-294 API The DisplayGsaWindow COM API function displays and hides the GSA window visible when using the APIs. Build 21

# 9.0 Fixes

Item Category Description Status
NCR GSA-1534 Grid loads Grid Line Loads not expanding on vertical 2D surfaces. Awaiting release
NCR GSA-1491 Analysis If wall elements use topological axis and there are also beta angle or orientation node, the analysis results will be wrong if the wall element is not square shaped. Awaiting release
NCR GSA-1480 General The damping values for response spectra are assumed to be a percentage for a constant damping or code defined damping but the other options assume a damping value leading to underdamping in response spectrum analysis. Awaiting release
NCR GSA-881 Analysis P delta analysis stops with matrix singularities. Build 95
NCR GSA-880 Analysis Buckling analysis sometimes produces inconsistent results between successive runs. Build 95
NCR GSA-1475 General There is an issue using the principal axes option for asymmetric sections, such as angles. The elements deflect laterally in the wrong direction. Build 95
NCR GSA-876 General In the model manage data option the option to blank unused properties causes GSA to crash. Build 95
NCR GSA-872 Analysis When defining an analysis stage there is an option to lock releases. This option is ignored when creating the element stiffness matrix. Build 95
NCR GSA-839 Modelling Flipping ‘explicit’ members can corrupt the topology. Build 92
NCR GSA-866 Analysis A P-delta analysis can refer to an analysis case or combination case to define the geometrical effect. A check in the solver can reject combination cases. Build 92
NCR GSA-865 File I/O Soil profile order is wrongly rearranged after saving and re-opening the file. Build 92
NCR GSA-839 Modelling When applying flip to explicit members the internal nodes do not get switched leaving the member twisted. Build 91
NCR GSA-837 General When members correspond to multiple elements only the part corresponding to the first element is drawn. Build 91
NCR GSA-836 General GSA will crash when collapsing coincident nodes whne these are attached to elements. Build 91
NCR GSA-821 Analysis Nonlinear analysis analysis using Fabric material grade may give wrong results. Build 90
NCR GSA-803 General Deleting regions crashes when there are members that refer to nodes on the region’s mesh. Build 90
NCR GSA-823 General Displaying results is slow when analysis cases are numbered sparsely. Build 90
NCR GSA-831 Analysis There was an issue when settlements were applied to a node to which the attached elements had releases which would cause the analysis to fail or could in some cases crah GSA. Build 90
NCR GSA-829 File I/O There can be problems reading elements from a text file (EL.3 keyword/version). Build 90
NCR GSA-820 General If an analysis task is set to analyse later and the centre-only unchecked, then on reopening the task the flag get reset to centre-only. Build 86
NCR GSA-818 Interface Shear modulus is missing when setting fabric properties from standard grade on the wizard. Build 86
NCR GSA-817 File I/O Error on reading and writing fabric material grade data. Build 86
NCR GSA-804 General If a perimeter section is defined with more than one linked ‘part’ by a line the calculation of the J value fails. The calculation now splits the section into the individual parts. There will still be a problem if there is a void in anything other than the first part or for some definitions of multiple parts. Build 86
NCR GSA-816 Interface Fabric material grade fill direction Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio will be wrongly swapped after opening wizard. Build 86
NCR GSA-809 Analysis Initial strain loads on 2D elements give wrong analysis results. Build 86
NCR GSA-808 Analysis P-delta analysis gives wrong results if the model has Tie or Strut elements. Build 86
NCR GSA-799 General GSA crashes when saving 'saved output view to file' if GSA file name contains percentage sign %. Build 86
NCR GSA-800 General Definition of assemblies using the axis option was not working properly with the centroid options. These option are removed and the user must specify the transverse offset. Build 86
NCR GSA-789 General Ill defined combination cases (cases referencing non-existent cases) cause GSA to crash when defning a modal analsyis task. Build 86
NCR GSA-687 Graphic view GSA does not show storey views in the graphics (Display > View > Storey). Build 86
NCR GSA-554 General GSA does not update the graphics properly when a member is changed from linear to explicit. Build 86
NCR GSA-722 General Creating storeys from building model excludes consideration of members. Build 86
NCR GSA-773 Graphic View Curved members are not drawn properly. Build 84
NCR GSA-790 File I/O Adding environmental parameters corrupted the readnig of sections leading to loss of sections in model. Build 84
NCR GSA-475 General The section properties for cellular beams are over-estimated. Build 81
NCR GSA-772 General The selection properties for 1D elements and 1D members now reports additional mass, and member properties are based on the grade definition rather than the analysis material definition. Build 81
NCR GSA-756 Modelling The ‘Align 2D Element Z Axis’ command does not always work. Build 81
NCR GSA-493 General GSA can wrongly identify panels when the surface consists of zone connected by a single element. Build 81
NCR GSA-573 General Deleting displayed loading from a graphic view does not deleted the loads on the selected elements. Build 81
NCR GSA-769 Chart view Selecting a displacement chart from a linear time-history response analysis can cause GSA to crash Build 81
NCR GSA-548 User interface Panes were not switching when there was more than one model open. Build 81
NCR GSA-540 User interface Contour and diagram panes were not updating when model analysed or results deleted. Build 81
NCR GSA-778 User interface Contours were not available for material properties when the elements referred to the grade properties rather than an analysis material. Build 81
NCR GSA-777 File I/O 2D properties read from a gwa file can be corrupted if they use the "from grade" option. Build 81
NCR GSA-749 General Problem with Load Panels with multiple analysis cases. Build 81
NCR GSA-775 General The calculation of the Iyy value for taper I sections is incorrect. Build 79
NCR GSA-771 General GSA can crash in the graphics when selecting members with contiguous node numbering of internal nodes. Build 79
NCR GSA-761 General Unable to expand some grid loads with Tools->Expand Grid/face loading. Build 77
NCR GSA-758 Analysis When using the ASCE 7 spectrum for seismic analysis GSA was wrongly calculating the approximate fundamental period (Ta) by using the non-SI coefficient along with building height in m. The gives the wrong approximate period parameter, which is used to calculate the Ta. Build 77
NCR GSA-757 File I/O In some instances reading an old file with explicit sections can result in ill-defined section which can cause GSA to crash when opening the sections table. Build 77
NCR GSA-753 General Modification to Young's modulus in concrete grade does not work. Build 77
NCR GSA-752 Analysis Stresses in global axis for 2D elements are sometimes incorrect when the element is defined with user defined axis. Build 77
NCR GSA-751 General Missing grid load number in a severe warning message related to 2D face Grid loads. Build 77
NCR GSA-746 File I/O If any data module has list and the name of the list is used, the saved text file has error that cannot be opened again. Build 77
NCR GSA-746 General Copy and Pasting Footfall task creates new case rather than the expected new task. Build 77
NCR GSA-743 General Composite slab modifiers differ, depending on selected angle. Build 77
NCR GSA-740 General Explicit member internal nodes are lost when modifying the internal restraints ‘Modify Entities’ pane. Build 77
NCR GSA-739 File I/O Explicit sections are not ready propely from files created in GSA 8.7. Build 77
NCR GSA-719 Design Explicit members are not visible in design layer and explicit internal restraints are modified on design. Build 73
NCR GSA-737 General Select a steel material when setting up catalogue section in the new model wizard can cause GSA to crash. Build 73
NCR GSA-736 Design If 2D shear force Nxy and/or twisting moment Mcy are zero, RC slab may fail to calculate the correct reinforcement area. Build 73
NCR GSA-728 General In some instances the user default section catalogue was being ignored and the catalogue had to be selected explicitly in the section wizard. Build 73
NCR GSA-718 General The preferred concrete code is ignored in the new model wizard, and has to be selected explicitly. Build 73
NCR GSA-621 Analysis Raft contact pressures are wrong for using automatic interaction areas. Build 73
NCR GSA-704 General Assigning load case names that are too long (> 100 characters) causes GSA to crash when selecting a case in the graphic view. Build 73
NCR GSA-552 General Specifying too many intermediate nodes on an explicit member can cause GSA to crash. Build 73
NCR GSA-723 Analysis Chart view results from linear time history analysis are wrong. Build 73
NCR GSA-549 General When link elements are in the list of elements for gravity loads the graphic display may show a load on the link elements. Link elements cannot take a gravity load and this load is not applied in the solver. Build 73
NCR GSA-628 General The stress-strain curevs are not generated properly for rebar materials, which can cause a crash displaying stress-strain curves. Build 73
NCR GSA-703 Output View Damping ratio is wrongly reported in the 'Analysis Details' output view for footfall analysis task/case. Build 73
NCR GSA-702 Analysis Going through analysis analysis wizard may wrongly generate extra analysis cases in that task. Build 73
NCR GSA-701 Analysis When copying a footfall task and pasting as a new task, GSA instead wrongly creates a new analysis case in the pasted task. Build 73
NCR GSA-721 General The mass modifier in the mass properties table is saved with an offset from the correct direction. This typically leads to the x value neing set to zero. Build 73
NCR GSA-691 General The shear modulus of timber materials gets reset to a default value when exiting the material grade table. Build 73
NCR GSA-699 Analysis Selecting a dynamic response analysis can in some cases delete the results from the modal analysis on which it depends. Build 73
NCR GSA-712 General Copying and pasting a component buckling task can cause GSA to crash. Build 73
NCR GSA-583 General The default values for percentage fields in tables cannot be updated. Build 73
NCR GSA-615 General The standard fabric materials have a shear modulus set to zero. Build 73
NCR GSA-714 Analysis If there are gaps on analysis case number between different tasks, going through existing analysis task will wrongly generate extra analysis cases. Build 73
NCR GSA-676 Modelling When deleting a mesh generated from regions nodes along members were being kept whne no longer used. These are now removed. Build 73
NCR GSA-734 General The velocity units ft/s and in/s get switched given incorrect values. Build 73
NCR GSA-735 File I/O When saving file in CSV format, the file cannot be opened if there are commas in the name field or commas are included in some descriptions such as load curve description. Build 73
NCR GSA-700 API GSA is unable to export 3D element stresses and displacements using COM. Build 73
NCR GSA-715 Design AS4100 Steel checker: Buckling interaction calculation is incorrect when buckling moment capacity is less than zero. Build 73
NCR GSA-683 Output view The Help button in the Member end Conditions dialog fails. Build 73
NCR GSA-587 Output view GSA crashes reporting combination cases that refer to tasks after deleting results. Build 73
NCR GSA-717 General Unhandled exception in solver while expanding a grid area load. Build 73
NCR GSA-689 General Loads are wrong after load panel elements are changed to normal 2D element. Build 73
NCR GSA-666 General Grid area loads are not expanding before the buckling analysis. Build 73
NCR GSA-651 File I/O The older format of node user modules are not read correctly from .gwa files. Build 70
NCR GSA-668 Analysis Compression-only springs not retaining reactions. Build 70
NCR GSA-696 General Soil profile table sometimes saves the wrong PSI property reference number that makes the raft and piled raft analysis impossible. Build 70
NCR GSA-579 Analysis When Explicit time history analysis fails, the tool bar button still shows there are analysis results. Build 70
NCR GSA-617 Analysis Nonlinear analysis cannot use fabric material grade as fabric element material. Build 70
NCR GSA-698 File I/O When opening an old file with members the member type could be corrupted. Build 70
NCR GSA-697 Analysis It is possible to define a section as tapered and this will cause the analysis to fail. Build 70
NCR GSA-694 Modelling In ‘Manage Data’ strange characters appear in the warning when trying to renumber nodes or elements. Build 70
NCR GSA-688 Analysis Wall element analysis results cannot be properly viewed on both output and graphic views. Build 70
NCR GSA-684 Analysis Self-weight and mass are missing for elements using line segment section. Build 66
NCR GSA-681 File I/O When saving 2D properties to a text file (or using GwaComamnd in COM) the propoerty modifiers can get corrupted due to an incorrect unit adjustment. Build 66
NCR GSA-675 General Grid line load expansion problem when the beam nodes are very close to the load line. Build 64
NCR GSA-673 Analysis Section volume modifier is not used in calculating element masses and self-weight for gravity loading, currently, the modified area is alway used to calculate the welf-weights and masses. Build 64
NCR GSA-672 Graphic View Contour colours sometimes rendered incorrectly when using dark background colour. Build 64
NCR GSA-667 Design Concrete material strength is incorrect for EuroCode in RC slab design Build 64
NCR GSA-665 General The default concrete code is not reflected in the new model wizard. Build 64
NCR GSA-663 Graphic View Contour does not work if combination case involves centre and non-centre only analysis results. Build 64
NCR GSA-662 output When selecting a Ritz analysis it is not possible to select additional restraints. Build 62
NCR GSA-659 output Program outputs 2D element results at nodes and centre for the first task and for any subsequent task only centre values are presented. Build 60
NCR GSA-658 Analysis When there exist topologically unconnected nodes with beam element along the member, then BM and SF diagrams for the member are incorrect. Build 60
NCR GSA-661 User Interface Program is unable to read/paste the member GWA data. Build 60
NCR GSA-528 Design Changing the steel material model in the grade wizard is not stored. Build 60
NCR GSA-521 Modelling The modify entities pane shows a list of properties but these do not reflect the selected items. Build 60
NCR GSA-656 Analysis When analysis stage materials for 2D elements different from the one defined for whole model, the whole model material is wrongly used for that stage analysis. Build 60
NCR GSA-516 Output view Limited output of properties for assemblies. This is resolved by providing properties (position, area and second moment of area) at all points along the assembly. Build 58
NCR GSA-644 Design GSA can crash in steel design tasks, depending on the available materials. Build 58
NCR GSA-630 General GSA can crash when exporting a model to LS-DYNA. Ths applies to both File > Export and creating an DYNA analysis task. Build 58
NCR GSA-629 Graphic View At the legend of reinforcement area contouring, the rebar areas per meter and rebar diameter with spacing are not consistent/aligned well. Build 58
NCR GSA-620 General Unhanded Exception / Crash while expanding grid area loads. Build 58
NCR GSA-613 General When working with explicit sections the properties can get adjust by a factor due to the units not being set properly, so for example an area of 100 cm2 can become 100 x 104 cm2. Build 58
NCR GSA-601 General When initialising an analysis material from a user defined grade the Poisson's ratio is set to zero. Build 57
NCR GSA-597 General When a modifier is specified for the elastic modulus of concrete and the grade properties are used for the analysis, saving the file results in the elastic modulus being updated to the modified value. Build 57
NCR GSA-602 General The combination table cannot be opened and combination results are not calculated correctly when the decimal point is set to a comma. Build 54
NCR GSA-527 General Pasting gwa property records from GSA 8.7 in GSA 9.0 gives an error. This is due to GSA 9.0 expecting a shear factor not written by GSA 8.7. Build 48
NCR GSA-527 General GSA can crash when modifying the concrete material grade properties, particularly when selecting explicit stress-strain curves. Build 48
NCR GSA-484 General When pasting properties into the material grade table some of the properties can be set to zero. Build 48
NCR GSA-544 User Interface On editing explicit section, explicit properties dialog is opened no matter which definition method is specified. Build 48
NCR GSA-543 3rd Party Following a Revit export to GSA, the mass field in the section table was showing as “Rvt_mass” rather than the model’s mass unit. Build 48
NCR GSA-541 File I/O GSA can crash when opening a file if 2D properties refer to a non-existent axis. Build 48
NCR GSA-534 User interface The wizard button in the section modifiers table crashes if the modification record does not already exist. Build 48
NCR GSA-529 General The definition of the storey drift location for response spectrum analysis only works for integer positions. Build 48
NCR GSA-524 General The units of modifiers on 2D element property table are wrong if the modifiers are not percentage and the unit is not SI. Build 48
NCR GSA-518 General On the 'Solver option' page of analysis wizard, the solver options below 'Mass' analysis are misplaced, i.e. the one below the selected one is actually (wrongly) chosen. Build 43
NCR GSA-471 Modelling The relationship between mesh elements and regions was lost when models were saved to .gwb files. Build 42
NCR GSA-513 Analysis If elements are conected to restrained nodes and subject to a preload, the preload is ignored in the reaction calculation leading to a non-equilibrium solution. This only affects reactions. Build 42
NCR GSA-509 General When displaying material curves for steel from the wizard GSA can either do nothing or crash. Build 42
NCR GSA-497 Modelling There can be problems with the interaction of element defaults in the default pane and elements table. Build 42
NCR GSA-505 Output View Beam stress output does not get updated when in a single session the sections are changed. This is due to a cache not being cleared. Build 42
NCR GSA-500 Output View The member output view crashes when some members have internal nodes. Build 42
NCR GSA-473 Modelling Generation of equivalent static and accidental torsion loads was failing when the element properties refered to material by grade. Build 42
NCR GSA-482 Modelling When generating a 2D element mesh from a 1D element grillage the releases on the bounding 1D elements were corrupted. Build 42
NCR GSA-481 Graphic View Only centre values are contoured for "nodal results on elements" even though nodal results are available for all nodes of the elements. Build 42
NCR GSA-479 Output View Outputs are "Centre Only" even if centre only option is unchecked in both analysis Output Settings. Build 42
NCR GSA-470 API Add keyword options for beam loads in GWA file Build 42
NCR GSA-466 Graphic View unable to snap to grid when current grid is not global grid Build 42
NCR GSA-447 Graphic View Contouring beam loads on graphic, the load values are incorrect as they are always positive, diaplay beam loads, the correct sign is shown Build 42
NCR GSA-335 General When pasting into the ‘data explorer’ the warning/error messages in the ‘message pane’ are unhelpful. These have been replaced by clearer information about the location of the problem. Build 42
NCR GSA-474 Graphic view The All Load Diagrams tool crashes when there are grid area loads whose surface uses the X or Y elevation grid planes. Build 42
NCR GSA-448 Analysis The force and moment results for assemblies consisting of 2D or 3D elements ignored the 2D and 3D elements results when the analysis was set to store centre-only values. Build 42
NCR GSA-438 Output view The mass of beams which refer to a grade rather than an analysis material was set to zero in the ‘selection properties’ and the ‘beam selection summary’. Build 42
NCR GSA-399 General The beam releases in the modify pane do not always respond as expected. These are now modified to always be present, but change apply only to beam elements. Build 42
NCR GSA-404 Modelling When creating meshes for regions with rigidity at columns the remote ends of the columns get included in the rigid constraints leading to an over constrained problem. Build 42
NCR GSA-401 Modelling The option to connect column ands rigidly to slabs would sometimes connect the wrong end of the column. Build 42
NCR GSA-432 General GSA can crash when importing data from a GWA file. This can happen if the GWA file contains standard axes or grid planes, or if the file has analysis tasks. Build 42
NCR GSA-452 Graphic view/Output view GSA cannot average 2D results at nodes when results are centre-only. This restriction is now removed. Build 42
NCR GSA-456 Graphic view GSA crashes displaying 2D results for combination cases when there is no analysis case with the same number. Build 42
NCR GSA-446 File I/O Design tasks view crashes when there is no combination case with the number referred to in the task. Build 42
NCR GSA-445 Modelling The Equivalent Static Seismic Loads dialog does not offer a choice of load cases. Build 42
NCR GSA-444 General The Axis dialog crashes when there are gaps in the table of axes. Build 42
NCR-GSA-449 Analysis Walking frequency range checking in footfall analysis wizard sometimes wrongly stops footfall analysis to proceed. Build 42
NCR-GSA-434 Modelling It is possible to set releases on 2D elements. These are not applicable to elements other than beams and are ignored in the solvers. Build 42
NCR GSA-427 Modelling Specifying points in assemblies by storey and referring to non-existent stories causes GSA to crash. Build 42
NCR GSA-428 File I/O Importing .gwa files crashes under some circumstances. Build 36
NCR GSA-328 File I/O Very large models cannot be read into GSA (> 4GB). Build 36
NCR GSA-426 General Some polylines are missing while reading GSA 8.7 file from GSA 9.0. Build 36
NCR GSA-423 Analysis Bridge load optimisation results may not be correct if influence effect is nodal displacement. Build 36
NCR GSA-421 Graphic view Wrong reinforcement grade is shown on the legend of RC Slabe Reinforcement Area contour graphic window. Build 36
NCR GSA-418 General The properties of aluminium and glass grades get corrupted in the grade tables. Build 36
NCR GSA-345 General The modify options pane has been clarified and simplified in use. Build 36
NCR GSA-415 Analysis Orientation node and beta angle are active in element table for Link elements where it should not. Build 36
NCR GSA-414 Analysis Data checking fails to flag it as error when a slave node has more than one master node. Build 36
NCR GSA-391 General Selection properties for 2D elements may not properly include the mass of all the 2D elements. Build 36
NCR GSA-406 General There is a minor error in the inch to meter conversion. This is in the fifth significant figure, so should not be significant but will result in slightly different results when outputing in inches. Build 36
NCR GSA-400 General It is possible to delete data from the ‘Data Explorer’ when that data is locked. Build 36
NCR GSA-398 Graphic View When 2D elements have centre only analysis results, contouring analysis results and RC slab reinforcement area does not work. Build 36
NCR GSA-396 General The scroll bar is missing when selecting loads for an analysis case. Build 36
NCR GSA-393 Graphic View Wrong concrete grade is shown on the legend of Reinforcement area contour graphic window. Build 36
NCR GSA-392 Design Concrete (grade) material design strength is wrongly reduced by a factor of 1.5 every time file is saved and reopened. Build 36
NCR GSA-377 File I/O When sections are read from a gwa file the section description is retained but the section is not initialised. This lead to an analysis failure. Opening the section in the section wizard clears the issue. Build 36
NCR GSA-384 Grid loads Grid load expansion (whole plane) to 2D elements misses a corner 2D element. Build 30
NCR GSA-373 Grid loads Grid line load expansion in one-way is not working as expected when the grid line node falls on panel boundaries. Build 30
NCR GSA-372 Grid loads Grid point loads are being expanded wrong when they are close to panel boundary. Build 30
NCR GSA-360 Graphic view Soils zones and profiles are sometime omitted from the display. Build 30
NCR GSA-343 General Section modifiers are not copied when copying from the data explorer. Build 30
NCR GSA-254 Graphic view Some sections are not drawn properly as filled sections when in filled section mode. Build 30
NCR GSA-380 Analysis GSA gives a spurious warning “section has been specified to ‘Ignore Iyz’. This is only correct if the element is constrained to move in local directions.” when axes are not principal. Build 30
NCR GSA-355 File I/O When reading lists of elements or members from GSA 8.X models that specify by material (M or MS prefixes) the list is garbled. Build 30
NCR GSA-385 Analysis When a section is specified with a rotation this rotation is ignored in the analysis. Build 30
NCR GSA-383 General When using wizard in 2D property definition to create composite or hollow slab 2D element properties, the property modifiers generated are wrong. Build 30
NCR GSA-382 File I/O Analysis task tags (enabled/disabled) are not written to text file or via COM. At new TASK_TAG keyword has been added to allow this to the be set. Build 30
NCR GSA-374 Analysis If 2D element bending thickness is modified, the equivalent thickness is wrongly calculated, so the analysis results are wrong. Build 28
NCR GSA-361 File I/O GSA crashes when reading models with fabric grades in them. Build 28
NCR GSA-357 Graphic view / Output view GSA sometimes calculates the Qmax 2D element force wrongly. Build 28
NCR GSA-352 General GSA does not accept the M (analysis material) prefix in lists. Build 28
NCR GSA-344 General The Section wizard crashes viewing a locked circular section. Build 28
NCR GSA-336 Analysis GSA gives a severe warning “torsion constant is zero” when sections are defined as a perimeter. Build 28
NCR GSA-341 Analysis If design material grade is used for beam section, the material shear modulus is wrongly taken as zero in nonlinear analysis, therefore the shear deformation becomes very large. Build 28
NCR GSA-338 Graphic view / Output view The displacement results on beam elements where releases are applied may be incorrect as the end displacements take the nodal values rather than the element end values. Build 28
NCR GSA-279 General GSA garbles lists of element by grade, replacing the prefixes with negative numbers. Build 25
NCR GSA-333 General A meshing problem in build 24 meant that after generating a mesh for a region, the mesh could not be viewed properly. Build 25
NCR GSA-314 Graphic view / Output View GSA crashes when the not "list" list syntax is selected. Build 24
NCR GSA-329 Graphic view / Output View The results for principal stresses, force and moments in 2D elements are reported wrongly when the output axis are set to other that local. Build 24
NCR GSA-321 File I/O Error in reading GWA file for Footfall analysis task and User module title Build 24
NCR GSA-325 File I/O Error in reading GWA file for Concrete material and RC slab property Build 24
NCR GSA-72 Graphic view The chart views in GSA are poorly formatted leading to text overlapping the chart resulting in the titles and axis labels being overwritten in some cases. Build 24
NCR GSA-324 File I/O GSA crashes reading pre-9.0 models when there are 2D properties with cylindrical or spherical axis sets and the analysis task numbers are not all numbered consecutively. Build 24
NCR GSA-323 Modelling Patterned loads are not calculated when there are more gravity load records than beam load records. Build 24
NCR GSA-210 General When creating grid lines, typing an invalid type will result in GSA being trapped in the input cell. Build 24
NCR GSA-320 General The beam loads wizard does not handle position information correctly leading to changes in position being lost when exiting the wizard. Build 24
NCR GSA-308 File I/O Shear modifiers for 2D element properties are not handled in the GSA text files. Build 24
NCR GSA-305 Design Some minor issues with concrete grade properties and a lack of ability to follow through the determination of the derived properties. Build 24
NCR GSA-301 General The edge load option in the general specification (pressure or force/length) is not updated. Build 24
NCR GSA-299 Analysis Wall elements give singularity problems when the properties use the "from Grade" option for the analysis material. Explicitly defined analysis materials do not have a problem. Build 24
NCR GSA-296 File I/O GSA files with more than one saved output view the file gets corrupted and data can be lost when reading the file. Build 24
NCR GSA-285 Analysis GSA crashes trying to analyse models where load panel edges do not map to beam elements. Build 21
NCR GSA-284 General Section wizard crashes when line segment section is locked. Build 21
NCR GSA-281 General Combination cases cannot be created with factors in their descriptions. Build 21
NCR GSA-280 File I/O Spring Property GWA syntax does not work for AXIAL springs. Build 21
NCR GSA-278 General When element property uses material grade as its analysis material, the data checking for generating equivalent static seismic loads has missed this and treated this as an error (no analysis material), so the process cannot be proceed. Build 21
NCR GSA-277 General The grid plane definition dialog crashes when the grid plane is locked. Build 21
NCR GSA-276 General GSA crashes in 'Check grid load expansion' when there are combination cases with enveloping operators (max, min, abs, signabs). Build 21
NCR GSA-275 Analysis Load panels not working properly for elements bounded by dummy elements. Build 21
NCR GSA-283 Analysis GSA errors out while running analysis on model with 2D elements Build 21
NCR GSA-290 Analysis Tension and compression only springs are wrongly taken as linear springs in nonlinear static analysis Build 21
NCR GSA-293 Analysis 2D element thickness modifiers are wrongly ignored in element force and moment calculations, modifiers are considered correctly in displacement calculations Build 21