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The GSA plugin introduces a new set of custom Grasshopper parameters. Parameters are what is passed from one component's output to another component's input. Parameters

Custom GSA Parameters


Name Description
GridLineParamGrid LineGrid Line parameter
ListParamListEntity List parameter
ModelParamModelModel parameter


Name Description
Bool6ParamBool6Bool6 containing six booleans representing a release or restriant. parameter
MaterialParamMaterialMaterial parameter
OffsetParamOffsetOffset parameter
Property2dModifierParamProperty 2D ModifierProperty 2D Modifier parameter
Property2dParamProperty 2D2D Property (Area) parameter
Property3dParamProperty 3D3D Property (Volumetric) parameter
SectionModifierParamSection ModifierSection Modifier parameter
SectionParamSectionSection Property (Beam) parameter
SpringPropertyParamSpring PropertySpring Property parameter
AssemblyParamAssemblyAssembly parameter


Name Description
EffectiveLengthOptionsParamEffective Length Options1D Member Design Options for Effective Length, Restraints and Buckling Factors parameter
Element1dParamElement 1D1D Element parameter
Element2dParamElement 2D2D Element(s) parameter
Element3dParamElement 3D3D Element(s) parameter
Member1dParamMember 1D1D Member parameter
Member2dParamMember 2D2D Member parameter
Member3dParamMember 3D3D Member parameter
NodeParamNodeNode parameter


Name Description
GridPlaneSurfaceParamGrid Plane SurfaceGrid Plane Surface parameter
LoadCaseParamLoad CaseLoad Case parameter
LoadParamLoadLoad parameter


Name Description
AnalysisCaseParamAnalysis CaseAnalysis Case parameter
AnalysisTaskParamAnalysis TaskAnalysis Task parameter
CombinationCaseParamCombination CaseCombination Case parameter
DesignTaskParamDesign TaskDesign Task parameter