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Design Task



A Design Task is collection of specifications that guide the automated, iterative design or checking of members. A Design Task is analogous to an Analysis Task in that there can be multiple Design Tasks all of which are saved with the model. Design Tasks must be executed to carry out either a design or a check based on the parameters defined in the task.

In Grasshopper, it is only possible to create steel design tasks.

Refer to Design Tasks to read more.


Icon Type Name Description
TextParamTextNameTask Name
IntegerParamIntegerNumberSet Task Number. If ID is set it will replace any existing DesignTasks in the model
ListParamListDefinitionMembers List definition
IntegerParamIntegerCombinationCaseCombination Case ID
NumberParamNumberTarget UtilisationTarget overall utilisation (upper)
NumberParamNumberLower limitLower utilisation limit (inefficiency warning)
BooleanParamBooleanGrouped DesignIf true, Members with the same pool are assigned the same section
TextParamTextPrimary ObjectivePrimary design optimisation objective
TextParamTextSecondary ObjectiveSecondary design optimisation objective

Note: the above properties can be retrieved using the Design Task Info component