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A Node generally contains X, Y, and Z coordinates as well as Support condition.

In GSA, Nodes are the only objects containing spacial geometrical information (X, Y, Z coordinates). The node numbers are referred to by elements and members in their topology lists and therefore only contains reference to nodes, not the actualy node. In GSA this works because everything belongs to a single model, and the information does not need to be duplicated in elements and members.

In Grasshopper, on the other hand, all parameters (nodes, elements and members) exist independently from each other. For instance, an Element 1D in GsaGH keeps a copy of its start and end points, which is automatically taken care of by the plugin. Therefore, Nodes almost only need to be used for defining supports, as all other nodes in a model will be included as part of the Elements or Members.

Refer to Node to read more.


Icon Type Name Description
IntegerParamIntegerNode numberOriginal Node number (ID) if Node ever belonged to a GSA Model
PointParamPointNode PositionPosition (x, y, z) of Node. Setting a new position will clear any existing ID
PlaneParamPlaneNode local axisLocal axis (Plane) of Node
Bool6ParamBool6Node RestraintsRestraints (Bool6) of Node
IntegerParamIntegerDamper PropertyDamper Property reference
IntegerParamIntegerMass PropertyMass Property reference
SpringPropertyParamSpring PropertySpring PropertyGSA Spring Property parameter
TextParamTextNode NameName of Node
ColourParamColourNode Colourcolour of node

Note: the above properties can be retrieved using the Edit Node component