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A Load parameter can contain Node Loads, Beam Loads, 2D Element Loads, Grid Loads, and Gravity Loads,

GSA provides a number of different ways to apply loads to a model.

The simplest option is use the Create Node Load component to create nodal loading where forces are applied directly to nodes. This is not recommended for 2D and 3D elements.

The next level of loading applies loads to the elements, either use the Create Beam Load component, or Create Face Load component. In the solver these use shape functions to give loading on the nodes compatible with the elements to which the load is applied.

Grid loading is a different type of loading which is applied to a Grid Plane Surface. An algorithm then distributes this loading from the grid surface to the surrounding elements. This can be useful for models where floor slabs are not modelled explicitly.

Gravity is the final load type create with the Create Gravity Load component. This is different from the other load types as it is specified as an acceleration (in g). This is normally used to model the dead weight of the structure by specifying a gravity load of −1 × g in the z direction.


Icon Type Name Description
LoadCaseParamLoad CaseLoad CaseGSA Load Case parameter
TextParamTextNameLoad name
GenericParamGenericDefinitionNode, Element or Member list that load is applied to or Grid point / polygon definition
IntegerParamIntegerAxisAxis Property (0 : Global // -1 : Local
TextParamTextDirectionLoad direction
LoadParamLoad Value or Factor X [kN, kN/m, kN/m²]Load Value or Factor XValue at Start, Point 1 or Factor X. Expression for Face Equation load.
LoadParamLoad Value or Factor Y [kN, kN/m, kN/m²]Load Value or Factor YValue at End, Point 2 or Factor Y. Position X for Face Point load. Equation Axis for Face Equation load.
LoadParamLoad Value or Factor Z [kN, kN/m, kN/m²]Load Value or Factor ZValue at Point 3 or Factor Z. Position Y for Face Point load. Is Constant for Face Equation load.
LoadParamLoad Value [kN, kN/m, kN/m²]Load ValueValue at Point 4. Units of the equation for Face Equation load
GridPlaneSurfaceParamGrid Plane SurfaceGrid Plane SurfaceGSA Grid Plane Surface parameter

Note: the above properties can be retrieved using the Load Properties component