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Section Modifier



A Section Modifier is part of a Section and can be used to modify property's analytical properties without changing the Profile or Material. By default the Section Modifier is unmodified. Refer to Section Modifiers to read more.


Icon Type Name Description
SectionModifierParamSection ModifierSection ModifierGSA Section Modifier
UnitNumberUnit Number AreaArea ModifierEffective Area
UnitNumberUnit Number Area Moment Of InertiaI11 ModifierEffective Iyy/Iuu
UnitNumberUnit Number Area Moment Of InertiaI22 ModifierEffective Izz/Ivv
GenericParamGenericJ ModifierEffective J
GenericParamGenericK11 ModifierEffective Kyy/Kuu
GenericParamGenericK22 ModifierEffective Kzz/Kvv
UnitNumberUnit Number Volume Per LengthVolume ModifierEffective Volume/Length
UnitNumberUnit Number Linear DensityAdditional MassAdditional mass per unit length
BooleanParamBooleanPrincipal Bending AxisIf 'true' GSA will use Principal (u,v) Axis for Bending. If false, Local (y,z) Axis will be used
BooleanParamBooleanReference Point CentroidIf 'true' GSA will use the Centroid as Analysis Reference Point. If false, the specified point will be used
GenericParamGenericStress Option Typethe Stress Option Type:
0: No Calculation
1: Use Modified section properties
2: Use Unmodified section properties

Note: the above properties can be retrieved using the Get Section Modifier component