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Member 3D



Members in GSA are geometrical objects used in the Design Layer. Members can automatically intersection with other members. Members are as such more closely related to building objects, like a beam, column, slab or wall. Elements can automatically be created from Members used for analysis.

A Member3D is the volumetric geometry resembling for instance soil. It can be defined geometrically by a closed Solid (either Mesh or Brep).

Refer to Members to read more.


Icon Type Name Description
IntegerParamIntegerMember NumberMember Number
MeshParamMeshSolid MeshMember Solid Mesh
Property3dParamProperty 3D3D Property3D Property
NumberParamNumberMesh Size in model unitsTarget mesh size
BooleanParamBooleanMesh With Othersif to mesh with others
TextParamTextMember NameName of Member
IntegerParamIntegerMember GroupMember Group
ColourParamColourMember ColourMember Colour
BooleanParamBooleanDummy Memberif Member is Dummy
TextParamTextTopologythe Member's original topology list referencing node IDs in Model that Model was created from

Note: the above properties can be retrieved using the Edit 3D Member component