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Element 1D



Elements in GSA are geometrical objects used for Analysis. Elements must be split at intersections with other elements to connect to each other or 'node out'.

Element1Ds are one-dimensional stick elements (representing 1D Element Types) used by the solver for analysis.

Refer to Elements to read more.


Icon Type Name Description
IntegerParamIntegerNumberElement Number. If ID is set it will replace any existing 1D Element in the model
LineParamLineLineElement Line
PropertyParamPropertyPropertyGSA Section Property (Beam) or Spring Property parameter
IntegerParamIntegerGroupElement Group
TextParamTextTypeElement Type
OffsetParamOffsetOffsetElement Offset
Bool6ParamBool6Start releaseRelease (Bool6) at Start of Element
Bool6ParamBool6End releaseRelease (Bool6) at End of Element
NumberParamNumberOrientation AngleElement Orientation Angle
GenericParamGenericOrientation NodeElement Orientation Node
TextParamTextNameElement Name
ColourParamColourColourElement Colour
BooleanParamBooleanDummy Elementif Element is Dummy
IntegerParamInteger ListParent MembersParent Member IDs in Model that Element was created from
IntegerParamInteger TreeTopologythe Element's original topology list referencing node IDs in Model that Element was created from

Note: the above properties can be retrieved using the Edit 1D Element component