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Grid Plane Surface



A Grid Plane Surface is used by Grid Loads.

A grid plane defines the geometry of a surface, and the load behaviour of the grid plane is defined by a grid surface.

In Grasshopper, a Grid Plane Surface contains both the information of what in GSA is known as a Grid Plane and a Grid Surface

The Grasshopper plugin will automatically create a fitting Grid Plane Surface when using the Create Grid Point Load, Create Grid Line Load or Create Grid Area Load components.

Grid Plane Surfaces can also be created independently using the Create Grid Plane and Create Grid Surface components.


Icon Type Name Description
PlaneParamPlaneGrid PlaneGrid Plane (Axis + Elevation)
IntegerParamIntegerGrid Plane IDGrid Plane ID
TextParamTextGrid Plane NameGrid Plane Name
BooleanParamBooleanis Storey?Grid Plane is Storey type
PlaneParamPlaneAxisGrid Plane Axis as plane
IntegerParamIntegerAxis IDAxis ID
UnitNumberUnit Number LengthElevationGrid Plane Elevation
UnitNumberUnit Number LengthGrid Plane Tolerance AboveGrid Plane Tolerance Above (for Storey Type)
UnitNumberUnit Number LengthGrid Plane Tolerance BelowGrid Plane Tolerance Below (for Storey Type)
IntegerParamIntegerGrid Surface IDGrid Surface ID
TextParamTextGrid Surface NameGrid Surface Name
TextParamTextElementsElements that Grid Surface will try to expand load to
TextParamTextElement TypeGrid Surface Element Type
UnitNumberUnit Number LengthGrid Surface ToleranceGrid Surface Tolerance
TextParamTextSpan TypeGrid Surface Span Type
NumberParamNumberSpan DirectionGrid Surface Span Direction
TextParamTextExpansion TypeGrid Surface Expansion Type
BooleanParamBooleanSimplified Tributary AreaGrid Surface Simplified Tributary Area

Note: the above properties can be retrieved using the Grid Plane Surface Properties component