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Element 3D



Elements in GSA are geometrical objects used for Analysis. Elements must be split at intersections with other elements to connect to each other or 'node out'.

In Grasshopper, an Element3D is a collection of 3D Elements (mesh solids representing Brick, Wedge, Pyramid or Tetra Elements) used for FE analysis. In GSA, a 3D Element is just a single closed mesh, but for Rhino performance reasons we have made Element3D an Ngon Mesh that can contain more than one closed mesh.

Refer to Elements to read more.


Icon Type Name Description
IntegerParamInteger ListNumberElement Number
MeshParamMesh ListAnalysis MeshAnalysis Mesh.
This will export a list of solid meshes representing each 3D element.
To get a combined mesh connect a GSA Element 3D to normal Mesh Parameter component to convert on the fly
Property3dParamProperty 3D List3D Property3D Property. Either a GSA 3D Property or an Integer representing a Property already defined in model
IntegerParamInteger ListGroupElement Group
TextParamText ListElement TypeElement 3D Type.
Type can not be set; it is either Tetra4, Pyramid5, Wedge6 or Brick8
TextParamText ListNameSet Element Name
ColourParamColour ListColourElement Colour
BooleanParamBoolean ListDummy Elementif Element is Dummy
IntegerParamInteger ListParent MembersParent Member IDs in Model that Element was created from
IntegerParamInteger ListTopologythe Element's original topology list referencing node IDs in Model that Element was created from

Note: the above properties can be retrieved using the Edit 3D Element component