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Property 2D



A 2D property is used by Element 2D and Member 2D and generally contains information about it's the Area Property's Thickness and Material. 2D Properties can also be used to create LoadPanels, use the Create 2D Property component and select LoadPanel from the dropdown list.

Refer to 2D Element Properties to read more.


Icon Type Name Description
IntegerParamIntegerProp2d ID2D Property ID
TextParamTextNameName of 2D Proerty
ColourParamColourColour2D Property Colour
GenericParamGenericAxisLocal Axis either as Plane for custom local axis or an Integer (Global: 0 or Topological: 1) for a referenced Axis.
TextParamTextType2D Property Type
MaterialParamMaterialMaterialGSA Material parameter
UnitNumberUnit Number LengthThicknessProperty Thickness
GenericParamGenericReference SurfaceReference Surface Middle (default) = 0, Top = 1, Bottom = 2
UnitNumberUnit Number LengthOffsetAdditional Offset
Property2dModifierParamProperty 2D ModifierProperty 2D ModifierGSA Property 2D Modifier parameter
GenericParamGenericSupport TypeSupport Type
IntegerParamIntegerReference EdgeReference Edge for Load Panels with support type other than Auto and All Edges

Note: the above properties can be retrieved using the Edit 2D Property component