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2D entity loading

2D entity loading applies to 2D members and elements. When loads are applied to members, they will be automatically expanded to load the appropriate finite elements.

Face loads should be used where a load distributed over the face of a 2D member or element is required, and edge loads where it is the edges of a 2D element. Prestress loads can be thought of either as prestress forces, tendon prestresses or initial strains applied to the member or element. Thermal loads can be applied to consider either a uniform temperature rise or a thermal gradient on the member or element.

Note that not all the load types can be applied to each 2D element type.

Load case and title

The loading is stored by case number. However it is good practice to name load cases. The load title gives access to the Load case titles wizard to simplify this procedure. The Wizard is opened for the load cas currently displayed.