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Concrete Slab Properties : Reinforcement

There are two aspects to the reinforcement - the reinforcement material and the reinforcement layout.



The name is used only as a label for the slab design property.


The grade of reinforcement. This refers to a material entry in the reinforcement grades module.

Bar Direction

The bars are aligned in two directions A and B, relative to the element x axis. Normally these will be orthogonal, but the angle between the two directions can be adjusted to suit.

Axis to Surface Distance

These distances locate the position of the bars from the top and bottom of the slab. As no bar size is specified these are distances to the centre of the reinforcement.

Minimum Areas of Reinforcement

The minimum area of reinforcement to be provided in the top or bottom face. A minimum area of compression reinforcement for each face in each direction can also be specified – either according to code or a user specified value.