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Edit Node

Edit Node


Modify GSA Node

Input parameters

Icon Type Name Description
NodeParamNodeNodeNode to get or set information for. Leave blank to create a new Node
IntegerParamIntegerNode numberSet Node number (ID) - if Node ID is set it will replace any existing nodes in the model
PointParamPointNode PositionSet new Position (x, y, z) of Node
PlaneParamPlaneNode local axisSet Local axis (Plane) of Node
Bool6ParamBool6Node RestraintsSet Restraints (Bool6) of Node
IntegerParamIntegerDamper PropertySet Damper Property by reference
IntegerParamIntegerMass PropertySet Mass Property by reference
SpringPropertyParamSpring PropertySpring PropertySpring Property parameter
TextParamTextNode NameSet Name of Node
ColourParamColourNode ColourSet colour of node

Output parameters

Icon Type Name Description
NodeParamNodeNodeGSA Node with applied changes.
IntegerParamIntegerNode numberOriginal Node number (ID) if Node ever belonged to a GSA Model
PointParamPointNode PositionPosition (x, y, z) of Node. Setting a new position will clear any existing ID
PlaneParamPlaneNode local axisLocal axis (Plane) of Node
Bool6ParamBool6Node RestraintsRestraints (Bool6) of Node
IntegerParamIntegerDamper PropertyDamper Property reference
IntegerParamIntegerMass PropertyMass Property reference
SpringPropertyParamSpring PropertySpring PropertyGSA Spring Property parameter
TextParamTextNode NameName of Node
ColourParamColourNode Colourcolour of node