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Properties components


Name Description
Create Custom MaterialCreate Custom MaterialCreate a Custom Analysis Material
Create MaterialCreate MaterialCreate a Material for a Section, Prop2d or Prop3d
Edit MaterialEdit MaterialModify a Material
Material PropertiesMaterial PropertiesGet Material Properties for Elastic Isotropic material type


Name Description
Create Spring PropertyCreate Spring PropertyCreate a Spring Property
Get Spring PropertyGet Spring PropertyGet Spring Property


Name Description
Create ProfileCreate ProfileCreate Profile text-string for a Section
Edit ProfileEdit ProfileTransform a Profile by rotation or reflection.
Profile DimensionsProfile DimensionsGet Section Dimensions
Section PropertiesSection PropertiesGet Section Properties
Taper ProfileTaper ProfileCreate a Profile that tapers along its length from start and end profiles


Name Description
Create SectionCreate SectionCreate a Section
Create Section ModifierCreate Section ModifierCreate a Section Modifier
Edit SectionEdit SectionModify Section
Get Section ModifierGet Section ModifierGet Section Modifier


Name Description
Create 2D PropertyCreate 2D PropertyCreate a 2D Property
Create 2D Property ModifierCreate 2D Property ModifierCreate 2D Property Modifier
Edit 2D PropertyEdit 2D PropertyModify 2D Property
Get 2D Property ModifierGet 2D Property ModifierGet 2D Property Modifier


Name Description
Create 3D PropertyCreate 3D PropertyCreate 3D Property
Edit 3D PropertyEdit 3D PropertyModify a 3D Property


Name Description
Create Bool6Create Bool6Create a Bool6 containing six booleans representing a release or restriant.
Create OffsetCreate OffsetCreate an Offset
Edit Bool6Edit Bool6Modify a Bool6 or just get information about existing
Edit OffsetEdit OffsetModify Offset or just get information about existing