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Display components


Name Description
AnnotateAnnotateShow the ID of a Node, Element, or Member parameters, or get Result or Diagram values
Annotate DetailedAnnotate DetailedShow the detailed information of Element or Member parameters
Preview 3D SectionsPreview 3D SectionsShow the 3D cross-section of 1D/2D Elements and Members in a model.
Preview Deformed 3D SectionsPreview Deformed 3D SectionsShow the deformed 3D cross-section of 1D/2D Elements and Members from a Result.


Name Description
Load DiagramsLoad DiagramsDisplays Load Diagram


Name Description
Assembly Result DiagramsAssembly Result DiagramsDisplays Assembly Result Diagram
Reaction Force DiagramsReaction Force DiagramsDiplays Node Reaction Force Results as Vector Diagrams
Result DiagramsResult DiagramsDisplays 1D Element Result Diagram


Name Description
Assembly ResultsAssembly ResultsDisplays Assembly Results as Contour
Contour 1D ResultsContour 1D ResultsDisplays 1D Element Results as Contour
Contour 2D ResultsContour 2D ResultsDisplays 2D Element Results as Contour
Contour 3D ResultsContour 3D ResultsDisplays 3D Element Results as Contour
Contour Node ResultsContour Node ResultsDiplays Node Results as Contours


Name Description
Line Result InfoLine Result InfoGet Element 1D Contour Result values
Mesh Result InfoMesh Result InfoGet Element 2D or Element 3D Contour Result values
Point Result InfoPoint Result InfoGet Node Contour Result values