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Model components


Name Description
Create ModelCreate ModelAssemble a Model
GWA CommandGWA CommandCreate a model from a GWA string, inject data into a model using GWA command, or retrieve model data or results through a GWA command.
Open ModelOpen ModelOpen an existing Model
Save GSA ModelSave GSA ModelSaves your Model from this parametric nightmare


Name Description
Get Model AnalysisGet Model AnalysisGet Analysis Tasks and their Cases from Model
Get Model GeometryGet Model GeometryGet nodes, elements, members and assemblies from Model
Get Model LoadsGet Model LoadsGet Loads and Grid Planes/Surfaces from Model
Get Model MaterialsGet Model MaterialsGet Standard and Custom Materials from a Model
Get Model PropertiesGet Model PropertiesGet Sections, 2D, 3D and Spring Properties from a Model
Steel Section Pool NamesSteel Section Pool NamesGet or set the Steel Section Pool Names of a Model


Name Description
Create ListCreate ListCreate a List with Name, Type and Definition or reference objects (Nodes, Elements, Members).
You can add a List to a model through the 'GSA' input.
Get Model ListsGet Model ListsGet Entity Lists from Model
List InfoList InfoGet information of like ID, Name, Type and Definition, as well as all objects (Nodes, Elements, Members or Cases) from a List


Name Description
Create Grid LineCreate Grid LineCreate a Grid Line from a line or arc.
Get Model Grid LinesGet Model Grid LinesGet Grid Lines from a model.
Grid Line InfoGrid Line InfoGet the information of a Grid Line


Name Description
Material QuantitiesMaterial QuantitiesGet Quantities for Standard and Custom Materials from a Model
Property QuantitiesProperty QuantitiesGet Quantities for Sections, and 2D Properties from a Model


Name Description
Model TitlesModel TitlesGet or set the titles in a Model
Model UnitsModel UnitsGet or set the units used by when opening this Model