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Property Quantities

Property Quantities


Get Quantities for Sections, and 2D Properties from a GSA model

Note: This is a dropdown component and input/output may vary depending on the selected dropdown

Input parameters

Icon Type Name Description
ModelParamModelModelModel parameter
ListParamListElement/Member filter ListFilter the Elements or Members by list. (by default 'all')
Element/Member list should take the form:
1 11 to 20 step 2 P1 not (G1 to G6 step 3) P11 not (PA PB1 PS2 PM3 PA4 M1)
Refer to help file for definition of lists and full vocabulary.

Output parameters

Icon Type Name Description
GenericParamGeneric TreeSection QuantitiesTotal Length per Section Property from GSA Model
Grafted by Section ID.
GenericParamGeneric Tree2D Property QuantitiesTotal Area per 2D Property from GSA Model.
Grafted by Property ID.