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Get Assembly

Get Assembly


Get GSA Assembly

Input parameters

Icon Type Name Description
AssemblyParamAssemblyAssemblyAssembly to get information for.Assembly

Output parameters

Icon Type Name Description
TextParamTextNameAssembly Name
TextParamTextAssembly typeAssembly type
GenericParamGenericListAssembly Entities
IntegerParamIntegerTopology 1Node at the start of the Assembly
IntegerParamIntegerTopology 2Node at the end of the Assembly
IntegerParamIntegerOrientation NodeAssembly Orientation Node
UnitNumberUnit Number LengthExtents yExtents of the Assembly in y-direction
UnitNumberUnit Number LengthExtents zExtents of the Assembly in z-direction
IntegerParamInteger ListInternal TopologyList of nodes that define the curve of the Assembly
IntegerParamIntegerCurve FitCurve Fit for curved elements
Lagrange Interpolation (2) or Circular Arc (1)
GenericParamGenericDefinitionAssembly definition