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Import from IFC to Oasys GSA

IFC is a loose format: a physical object (e.g. a beam or a slab) can be described in many ways (the same shape can use different representations). Not all possible IFC representations are supported when an IFC file is opened in GSA. Therefore it is likely that some entities will be lost or not transferred neatly. This behaviour can be improved in the future.

IFC files are imported into the current GSA document (typically a blank document). The smaller the IFC file is, the faster the process.

The recommended settings when exporting from Tekla Structures are:

  • (optional) select the objects to export,
  • select File format: IFC,
  • select Export type: Coordination view,
  • for Tekla Structures rev. <= 20, unselect Pour objects in “Advanced tab” (other settings in the Advanced tab are not known to have a functional impact on import into GSA).