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The IFC file format is a widely-used format supported by variety of software for civil engineers. It describes building and construction data. It is not meant to replace proprietary formats of any particular software but to provide a universally recognized general format, even if the functionality to interchange data is limited.

Oasys GSA includes both IFC Import and Export with some limitations.

Export from Oasys GSA to IFC: exports the whole GSA model into a new IFC file.

Import from IFC to Oasys GSA: imports IFC objects into the current GSA project. Not all objects are transferred into Oasys GSA. A log of the import process is available to users.

Update from IFC to Oasys GSA: applying changes onto current GSA objects from a modified IFC file is not currently implemented.

Note: The implementation of IFC export and import is focused on Tekla. It might be useful for Revit as well, but it is primarily Revit plugin what is supposed to be used between Revit and GSA. Known issue is reference point for beams and slabs. The reference point might not appear as expected since it was not known how Tekla deals with the reference point. This issue should be fixed in GSA. Also, the section conversion table between Tekla and GSA should be implemented.

Credit: the implementation uses IfcOpenShell library which depends on Open Cascade library.