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Adjusting Data Display

There are a number of options for adjusting the display of data in tables. These are available from the Window > Settings menu and from the Data options toolbar.


Basic preferences are those that apply across the program.


This page handles preferences that relate to the input data.

Output Settings

All of the settings that specify the content of an Output view can be set either in the Output settings dialog box or in the dialog boxes accessible from this. The Output settings dialog box can be accessed by going to Output > Output Settings (Ctrl+W) or via the Wizard command on the Data Options toolbar.

Preferred Units

In many cases there is a set of units which users will want to use for most of their work. In GSA these are termed preferred units. These can be edited and set from the Input page in the Preferences. This brings up a dialog box to allow individual units to be selected.

Text Data File Format

The format of the text data file is a record by record file with fields separated by tabs or commas. Three different versions of this file can be used:

Units and Numeric Format

Units and the numeric format are not saved with default preferred views and are only saved with named preferred views and saved views if they have been explicitly specified for the view being saved.

Units in the model

Each GSA model has a set of units associated with it. These units are saved along with the data in the GSA file. So when an existing model is opened the default model units will be those saved with the model. When a new model is created the units used for that model are determined by looking at the users preferred units. The base units for a model are changed in the Units specification. This is accessed either from the Units specification. This gives the Units dialog, which allows the user to change the units individually or for standard unit sets to be selected. The standard unit sets are summarised in the table below:

Units Specification

GSA stores all data in SI unit, but allows the user to specify the units in which his model is defined. These become the base units for working, however these can be changed at any time.