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Preferences : Basic

Basic preferences are those that apply across the program.


Company Information, Language, File Locations, Page Setup

The company logo, specified as a bitmap and name can be adjusted as required.

GSA has limited support for languages other than English. Select the language as appropriate.

The file locations specifies the Preferred Files and Folders where GSA will look for various data and temporary files

Page setup controls the appearance of printed output - borders, logos, etc.

Tolerances, Units, Section, Design

GSA models hold a set of tolerances. Preferred values for these can be stored for creation of new models.

The units set up a preferred set of units for use when creating a new model.

GSA has a number of section catalogues available. This allows a preferred catalogue to be selected. The section wizard will then default to this catalogue.

The design option allows preferred design codes to be selected.

Data IDs

When there are references between modules it is possible to reference by number, name or name and number. This sets the preferred option.


Set preferences for labelling restraints, releases and rigid constraints. For restraints and releases the choice is between “Text” labelling or “Symbol” to indicate the type of restraint or release. For rigid constraints the option is to include or exclude dots at the constrained and primary nodes.

Refer to Labels for more details.

Property Tips

Property tips can be displayed alongside the cursor when the cursor hovers over an entity (node, element, member, ...). “Brief” displays the reference of the entity plus some other key properties (e.g. topology of elements). “Full” displays the full properties for that entity (i.e. the same properties as are displayed on the Mesage Pane when an entity is clicked on).

Saved Image Settings

Set the preferred saved image settings that govern the output of graphic images. This option opens the Saved Image Settings.