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Nodes and elements can have labels applied to them. Generally the node and element labels identify attributes of these such as node numbers, restraint conditions, element numbers, element axes etc.

Axes can also be labelled. An axis set is labelled by displaying the axis triad correctly positioned and orientated on the image.

Labels are set using the Graphics > Display> Labels and display methods menu command. Labels and display methods is also available on the Graphic display toolbar. Giving this command opens the Labels and display methods dialog box.

Labels can be applied just to a selection of nodes or elements. If this is required then the items should be selected prior to giving the Labels and display methods command. Refer to the Applying adornments to a selection section for details.

Some of the more frequently used labelling options are accessible directly from the Labels toolbar.

Note that resetting the display reverts to the labels set in the default view settings.

Refer to the Displaying data and results section for a full list of available options.

The Graphics> Display> Hide > Hide labels command temporarily switches the labels off. Labels may then be un-hidden by giving the Hide labels command again. Adjusting any label settings while the labels are hidden automatically un-hides the labels. Hide labels is also available on the right-click menu.