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Right-click menus

Clicking the right mouse button when the cursor is in a Graphic view displays a floating menu. The commands offered in the floating menu depend on the current cursor mode and what the cursor was pointing at when the button was clicked. Some commands are always offered regardless of context other than it is a Graphic view that is current.

Most of the commands offered in the right-click menu are also available from the standard pull-down menus. However the position dependent commands are only available on the right-click menus.

Cursor mode dependent commands

These commands relate to the current cursor mode. For example, Select by list is offered when the cursor mode is a Selection mode and Polyline length is offered when the cursor mode is Polyline.

Position dependent commands

When the cursor is pointing at a node, element or member the right-click menu offers commands that relate to the item pointed at. For example, Node properties displays the attributes of the node pointed at, Edit property opens the property wizard for the element or member pointed at and Go to material data opens the Materials Table View at the record relating to the element or member pointed at.

Commands always offered

Certain commands always appear on the right-click menu, such as View legend, which displays the legend information in a message box.