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Resetting the display

Resetting the display reverts all display options to their default settings.

The display can be reset using the Graphics > Display > Reset display adornments menu command. Reset display adornments is also available on the Graphic display toolbar.

Reset display adornments resets the settings to the default view settings. Specifically, Reset display adornments has the following effect.

  • All labels and display methods are set to the default view settings.
  • All diagrams and contours are switched off.
  • The image is drawn in its undeformed state.
  • The entity list is set to all elements and all nodes.
  • Volume clipping is switched off.

The entity lists, volumes, orientation, scaling, mid-point and object point are not affected by resetting the display adornments. The Reset to all entities menu command may be used to reset to the whole model being drawn.