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Cursor modes in graphic views

There are various modes of operation of the cursor in graphic views. The following summarises the scope of these cursor modes.

Rotate cursor mode

In general, left mouse button behaviour replicates right mouse button behaviour. Additional features include:

Set centre of rotation

  • Ctrl + left click

Reset centre of rotation

  • Shift + left click

Zoom cursor mode

Incremental zoom

  • Left click (zoom in)
  • Ctrl + left click (zoom out)

Zoom to selection

  • Left button drag

Volume cursor mode

New volume

  • Left button drag (inclusive volume)
  • Ctrl + left button drag (exclusive volume)

Adjust last volume depth

  • Ctrl + wheel rotate (adjust near plane)
  • Ctrl + Shift wheel rotate (adjust far plane)

Delete last volume

  • Left click

Delete all volumes

  • Ctrl + left click

Select cursor modes

New entity selection

  • Left click
  • Left button drag

Add to existing selection

  • Shift + left click
  • Shift + left button drag

Deselect entities

  • Ctrl + left click
  • Ctrl + left button drag

Polyline cursor mode

Add vertex

  • Left click

Drag vertex

  • Left button drag

Sculpt geometry cursor modes

Add node/point on new entity

  • Left button click

Drag node on current grid plane

  • Left button drag