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The model sets

A set is a collection of nodes, elements, members or grid points. Sets are only displayed graphically and may only be specified graphically. There is no facility to save sets. However there are facilities to translate between sets and lists. Many sculpt operations operate on sets. Sets may also be used to identify the part of the model that is to be adorned with labels and diagrams etc.

There are four selection sets established for a model at the time a model is opened in GSA, referred to as the model sets. These are sets of nodes, elements, members and grid points. The model sets are initially empty.

The contents of the model sets may be edited from any Graphic View when the related selection cursor mode is current. The selected items in a model set are highlighted on the image; when not in the respective selection cursor mode the highlighting is greyed to indicate that the selection is disabled. Reverting to that selection mode enables the selection.

Since the model sets are owned by the model and not the particular Graphic View and since the cursor mode is set for all Graphic Views and not just the current one, the highlighting of the model sets occurs on all open graphic views simultaneously.