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Specifying grid planes

Grid planes lie in a plane parallel to the xy plane of an axis set, so an appropriate axis set must be specified to which the grid plane can refer. The global axis set will be appropriate for all horizontal grid planes.

The axis set can be set up either explicitly by entering the axes data in the axes table or graphically by using the [Sculpt > Create user axes]( menu command.

Note that an appropriate axis set is automatically set up in the Create grid plane and Set grid plane to this options described below.

Next the grid plane should be specified. This can be done either by explicitly entering the grid planes data in the grid planes table or graphically by using the Sculpt > Create Grid Plane menu command.

Another less direct way of specifying a grid plane is to right-click on a node in a Graphic view and to select the Set current grid to this menu command. The current grid is set to a grid on which the node lies, first looking for one parallel to the existing current grid, then for any. If none exists then the program offers to create one parallel to the existing current grid.