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Creating grid planes graphically

The Set grid plane to this command and clicking on a node when forming a polyline will both offer the option to set up a new grid plane if an appropriate one is not available. Otherwise, new grid planes can be created using the Sculpt > Create grid plane menu command. The procedure is as follows.

  1. Set the cursor mode to Select nodes or Select elements.
  2. Select some items to define the location of the plane.
  3. Give the Create grid plane command.
  4. If an existing grid plane is found upon which the selected items lie, the option is given to simply set that as the current grid.
  5. If an existing axis set with an xy plane parallel to the plane on which the selected items lie is found, this is identified as the grid axis for the new grid plane. Otherwise an appropriate axis set is defined.
  6. If elements have been selected then those elements are identified as the element list for the new grid plane.
  7. The Grid plane definition dialog box opens. Edit as required.
  8. On pressing OK the new grid plane is created and so to is the new axis, if required. The option is given to set this new grid plane as the current grid.