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New Model Wizard : Structure

This page sets up the basic details of the structure. Cancelling at any time will result in no new document.


Structure Type

The structure type describes the type of structural model to be considered. The options are

  • Space – 3D structure type. This is the most general structure type, and all the other can be considered as subsets of this.
  • Plane stress – 2D analysis option with plane stress conditions.
  • Plane strain – 2D analysis option with plane strain conditions.
  • Axisymmetric – 2D analysis option with axisymmetric conditions.

Previous versions of GSA offered ‘Plane’ and ‘Grid’ structure types. These have been removed as structure types but the same conditions can be achieved with a Space structure and setting the appropriate global restraints.


Opens the Units dialog to allow the user to set a default set of units for the structure. The current units are reported on the page.

Grid Data

Grid lines and grid planes can be assigned to give a framework for subsequent model generation.