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New Model Wizard : Properties


Design Codes

Selects the steel and concrete design codes. These can be changed later, but code changes require mapping of some of the data, so it is useful to settle on the appropriate design code at an early stage.

Material Grades

In general steel and concrete grades will be needed when creating a model. This allows steel and concrete grade to be selected based on the selected design codes. You can also define the default reinforcement grade for use in the RC Slab Reinforcement Design table.


Sections are one of the key items in many GSA models. If there are a set of sections that relate to the current project it is convenient to be able to set these up as group of sections, rather than have to set up each individually. Options are provided for catalogue sections and standard sections. Along with this a standard slab profile can be defined.

Generate Data

Selecting 'Generate data for the selected structure type' closes the New Model Wizard and opens the Data Generation Wizard to allow the definition of simple structural forms.