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Changing the content of a graphics view

The content of a Graphic view can be set either in:

The Graphic settings dialog box can be accessed by:

New graphic views use the default view settings unless there is a saved Graphic view named startup (case insensitive) in which case these settings are used.

Changes to view settings may be undone and redone using the View > Undo view (Ctrl+Alt+Z) and View > Redo view (Ctrl+Alt+Y) menu commands. These commands are also available on the Standard toolbar.

View settings for the current view may be applied to another Graphic view by clicking the View settings painter on the Standard toolbar to grab the current settings and then clicking in the other Graphic View. Click the View settings painter again or press <Esc> to switch off the option without applying grabbed settings.

View settings may be copied to the clipboard from within the Graphic settings dialog box. View settings on the clipboard may be pasted into the view (i.e. applied to the view) either using Edit > Paste (Ctrl+V) or from within the Graphic settings dialog box.

Note: Edit > Copy copies either the actual content of the view (see Copying the graphic image to the clipboard) or the current selection (see Copying sets to the clipboard), not the view settings.