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Printing from graphic views

The graphic image may be printed by giving the File > Print (Ctrl+P) menu command. The printed image may be previewed by giving the File > Print preview menu command. Print and Print preview are also available on the Standard toolbar.

The Page setup command on the Miscellaneous tab of the preferences may be used to specify the format of the border on the printed page.

The scale at which the image is printed generally depends on how the displayed scale was achieved. Refer to Scaling for printed output (and changed window sizes) for details.

When Print by case in the Graphic settings dialog box is checked each case is printed separately.

The underlying graphics code used for printing and print previewing is different to that used for display to the screen. This may occasionally cause subtle differences between the screen image and the printed image.

When printing to a monochrome device, lines, text and symbols are automatically output in black and in-fill is converted to a shade of grey by the program. (The various printers and printer drivers interpret colours differently, sometimes even to the extent of ignoring some colours.)