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Copying the graphic image to the clipboard

When the current cursor mode is other than a selection mode the Edit > Copy (Ctrl+C) menu command copies the current image to the clipboard in both bitmap and Windows Meta-file format. The application to which the image is pasted will automatically select its preferred format.

The image copied to the clipboard is as currently displayed, including orientation, scaling and adornments.

Note that the WMF image includes the whole of the currently drawn structure, regardless of the current zoom setting. If only part of the structure is required in the WMF image this should be specified either by volume clipping or by entity list rather than by zooming.

When copying an image for pasting into the Titles view it is advisable to adjust the Graphic view window size and aspect ratio to approximately the same as the Bitmap window in the Titles view.

Note that when the cursor mode is a selection mode the Copy command behaves differently. Refer to Copying sets to the clipboard for details.