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Identifying what is to be drawn

The part of the model that is drawn in a Graphic view may be specified in two ways: by volumes and by lists. Both of these methods are extremely powerful ways of breaking down a large model into more manageable or more presentable chunks. The volume method is better for situations where the part or parts of the model that are to be included or excluded can conveniently be identified graphically; the list method makes use of the list syntax to identify the drawn part of the model.

The two methods may be used independently or in combination.

Note that the scale to fit operation sets the extents of the drawn image on the basis of the current volumes and lists. However, simply specifying a volume or list does not cause the extents or, indeed, object point to be adjusted.

Note that Reset to all entities (or all in the Lists toolbar) resets both the volumes and entities lists to result in the whole model being drawn.

The Graphics > Display > Hide > Hide elements command temporarily switches the display of elements off. Elements may then be un-hidden by giving the Hide elements command again. Hide elements is also available on the right-click menu. Hide commands are also available for members.


Volume clipping

Entity lists