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Toolbar: Graphic Display


The graphic display toolbar governs the appearance of the graphical display:

Shrink – the elements are displayed shrunkfrom the nodes

Section Display – displays solid beam sections and solid 2D elements

Labels and Display Methods – accesses the Labels and Display Methods dialog

Deformed Image – draw the deformed image

Animate – animates the model

Shade Surfaces – shade surfaces according to current lighting conditions

Contour Settings – accesses the Contour Settings dialog

Diagram Settings – accesses the Diagram Settings dialog

Reset Display – resets the display, only scale and orientation are retained

Rescale Data – rescales the data for the current diagram

Double Size of Diagram – increases the size of the diagrams

Halve Size of Diagram – reduces the size of the diagrams

Toolbar Options – Use the dropdown arrow at the end of the bar to add or remove buttons for additional commands