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Deformed image

Translational and rotational displacements can be represented as both diagrams and contours. A further option is to display the image in its deformed state. In the deformed image the model is deformed at nodes and along elements by the translational displacement, magnified by a factor to result in a visible deformation.

The deformed image can be switched on using the Graphics > Display > deformed image menu command. Deformed image is also available on the Graphic display toolbar.

When the deformed image is displayed the undeformed or initial state image can be superimposed as a series of dashed lines. The initial state image is displayed with the deformed image when the Initial state option is checked in the Deformation settings dialog box.

The deformation settings can be specified using the Graphics > Display > Settings > Deformation settings menu command. Giving this command opens the Deformation Settings dialog box.

When the deformed image is switched on animating the image results in the deformation being animated.

Note that resetting the display switches off the deformed image.

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