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Applying adornments to a selection

Labels, diagrams and contours may be applied to all currently displayed entities (i.e. nodes or elements) or they may be applied to a selection set. Once applied to a set that set is preserved with the adornment. Changing the selection set has no effect on the entities to which currently displayed adornments are applied. This allows, for example, bending moment diagrams to be displayed on one set of elements and shear force diagrams to be displayed on a different set.

The easy way of applying labels, diagrams or contours to a selection set is by using the Graphics > Display > Apply adornments to selection command. Apply adornments to selection is also available on the Contours and Diagrams toolbars. While the Apply adornments to selection command is set, any labels, diagrams or contours are applied to the current selection set. If there is no selection of the relevant type (e.g. no elements selected when bending moment diagrams are requested) then the diagrams are applied to all entities.

The Apply adornments to selection command is a quick way of specifying what can otherwise be set in the Labels and display methods dialog box or Diagram settings > Further options dialog box or Contour settings > Further options dialog box, respectively.