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Annotating diagrams and contours

Diagrams and contours can be annotated with the values represented by the diagram or contour. The units and numeric format of the annotation is as specified via the Diagram settings or Contour settings dialog box, respectively.

The annotation of 1D element diagrams can either be at diagram peaks or at all points along the element. Diagram peaks are at element ends and where the diagram gradient changes sign or, when the diagram is constant along the element, just at the element centre. Annotation is at all points when Full annotation is checked in the Further options dialog box which is accessed via the Diagram settings dialog box.

In the case of contouring, the annotation replaces the contouring; the annotation is displayed in the colour associated with the interval in which the value being annotated falls. Only the centre value is annotated for 2D elements unless there is found to be space to annotate at each nodal position.

Annotation may by applied to all entities, to a selection of entities or to none. This annotation setting is set in the Further options dialog box, which is accessible from both the Diagram settings and Contour settings dialog boxes. Annotation By selection is used in conjunction with the Select for annotation cursor mode as follows.

  1. Specify the diagrams and / or contours. Set the annotation to By selection (the default).
  2. Set the cursor mode to Select for annotation.
  3. Select the nodes or elements to be annotated.
  4. Note that the Edit > Select all (Ctrl+A), Edit > Select none and Edit > Invert selection commands are available in this cursor mode.
  5. Only diagrams and contours set at the time of selecting the nodes or elements are annotated.

Another way of annotating a selection of entities is by using the Edit > Annotate selection menu command. Annotate selection is also available on the right-click menu that is displayed when the cursor mode is set to Select nodes or Select elements. The procedure is as follows.

  1. Set the cursor mode to Select nodes or Select elements.
  2. Select the nodes or elements to be annotated.
  3. Give the Annotate selection command.

The Select for annotation cursor mode and the Annotate selection command have no effect on diagrams and contours that have the annotation setting set to all or none.