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Toolbar: Contours


The Contours toolbar gives quick access to a number of commonly used contour options:

|U| displacement contours – Element displacements

|F| reaction contours – Nodal reaction forces

Fx axial force contours – Beam, bar and rod axial force (FxF_x)

Fz shear force contours – Beam, bar and rod shear Force (FzF_z)

Myy bending moment contours – Beam, bar and rod bending moment (MyyM_{yy})

2D Wood-Armer moment, Mx + sgn(Mx)|Mxy| contours – 2D Wood-Armer moment (Mx=Mx+sgn(Mx)MxyM^*_x = M_x + sgn(M_x)|M_{xy}|)

2D Wood-Armer moment, My + sgn(My)|Myx| contours – 2D Wood-Armer moment (My=My+sgn(My)MyxM^*_y = M_y + sgn(M_y)|M_{yx}|)

Toolbar options – Use the dropdown arrow at the end of the bar to add or remove buttons for additional contour options