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Working with the output panes

The output panes are a collection of dockable panes:

  • Message pane - Displays properties for a selected item.
  • Result pane - Displays results for a selected item.
  • Report pane - Displays task logs (i.e. a history of Report view logs).

Right-click menu

Clicking the right mouse button when the cursor is over the Object viewer displays a floating menu offering the following commands:

  • Close object viewer
  • Copy
  • Select all
  • Print

Message pane

The Message pane displays properties for a selected item or a set of selected items. It is also where messages from various operations are displayed.

In graphic views:

  • Clicking on a node, element or member causes the properties for that item to be displayed in the Message pane, regardless of the current cursor mode.
  • Selecting items and then using the Graphics > Selection properties command displays properties relating to the current selection.

For beam, bar, tie and strut elements, selection properties include:

  • Total length,
  • Total mass and
  • Total surface area

For 2D elements, selection properties include:

  • Total area,
  • Total element mass and
  • Total additional mass

For nodes, if two or three nodes are selected, selection properties include:

  • Distance between nodes

And, if three nodes are selected:

  • Angle at nodes

In table views:

In some Table views properties for the current record can be displayed by giving the View > Properties menu command. The Properties command is also accessible from the Table view right-click menu.

Result pane

The Result pane displays results for a selected item. This is done as follows:

  1. Open the Result pane by selecting View > Toolbars and dockable panes > Result pane command (or clicking the Result pane toolbar button icon if available).
  2. Select the required output option from the drop-down list at the top of the Result pane. Only those options currently available for the model are displayed.
  3. Select the required case or cases in the Cases list at the top of a Graphic view.
  4. In the Graphic view, click on a node, element or member to display their results.

The default output option is '<displayed result>'. In this setting clicking on a node, element or member in the Graphic view causes the currently displayed result in that Graphic view to be reported in the Result pane. The currently displayed result in the Graphic view is determined by the following precedence:

  1. The contoured data, if contouring is displayed.
  2. The last specified diagram, if any diagrams are displayed.
  3. Node or element displacements (depending on whether a node or element is clicked), if the deformed image is displayed.

Report pane

The Report pane displays a history of all logs generated by GSA tasks, such as analysis and design. For example, during an analysis the Report view displays the analysis log as it happens; upon completion the report log stored with the model and displayed in the Report pane.

The contents of the Report pane can be deleted by using the Delete report logs button on the Report pane toolbar.