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Before embarking on any analysis, the user should be aware of its limitations. The user should check the validity of the results. Computer models should be as straightforward as possible to minimise the risk of error, and designed to model the effects required by the user, e.g. a model to assess the stiffness of a structure would not necessarily be the same as one to check the strength. It is often good practice to start with a simple model and increase the complexity if the need arises.

Oasys Ltd implements a Quality Management System (QMS) that is certified to ISO 9001.  The certificate of approval for the Oasys QMS is published on the Oasys web site. Oasys products are designed, developed and tested in accordance with the procedures set out in this QMS.  A certificate is produced to confirm all testing has been completed in accordance with the QMS, and this can be provided on request.

Test Procedure

GSA Test Procedure GSA Test Plan and Certificate