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The default analysis option in GSA is a linear static analysis. When this option is selected a linear static analysis task is created and an analysis case is created corresponding to each load case defined in the model. The results of the analysis are stored in analysis cases. For a linear static analysis these will be global results, displacements, forces and moments, etc. corresponding to the applied loads. Modal analysis also produces displacements, etc. but in this case these are natural frequencies (or load factors) and mode shapes.

Analysis cases are set up automatically for a simple static analysis and but may also be set up via the Analysis wizard. The more advanced analysis options are always defined in the analysis wizard.

The Analyse all and Delete all results commands behave as follows:

Analyse all

If no results exist, no analysis cases exist and some loads exist the Analyse all command sets up analysis cases for and invokes a simple static analysis.

If some analysis cases exist that are at pre-analysis status the Analyse all command invokes the analysis of these analysis case.

Otherwise the Analyse command is disabled.

Delete all results

The Delete all results command deletes all results.

If the only analysis cases that exist were automatically created by a simple static analysis the Delete all results command will delete all the analysis cases.

If any analysis cases exist that were not automatically created then the Delete all results command prompts whether analysis cases are to be deleted.

There is always an opportunity to cancel the operation before any deleting is actually done.

The Delete all results command is enabled whenever analysis cases exist.

It is evident that the Analyse and Delete all results commands may both be enabled in some circumstances.

The Analysis wizard offers facilities for management of analysis cases.

The Stop command or closing the Report view aborts an analysis.