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GSA provides a design postprocessor RC Slab for reinforced concrete two-dimensional elements of uniform thickness subject to any combination of in-plane axial or shear force and out-of-plane bending moment and torsion. The calculations can be made following the principles of most of the codes used within Arup. It is unable to allow for out-of-plane shear and through-thickness forces.8^8

The input to the postprocessor comprises applied forces and moments, section depth, reinforcement positions, and material properties. The reinforcement orientations can be in general directions, referred to as θ1\theta_1 and θ2\theta_2, which need not be orthogonal. The results comprise either areas of reinforcement for each face of the section in the two specified directions, or else an indicator to the effect that the design is unable to find a solution for the current data.

8^8 This item is based on a Notes on Structures written by Ian Feltham [an Arup internal publication] (2007) and is reproduced here with permission