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Analysis Wizard : Soil Structure Analysis

The soil-structure analysis is a static analysis of a single analysis case including soil structure interaction.


Maximum No. of Iterations

The soil structure interaction is an iterative procedure so that maximum number of iterations should be specified. If convergence has not been reached by this stage the user is prompted whether to continue or abandon the analysis.

PDisp Analysis

For the PDisp part of the analysis the user should choose which model is used for the soil. This can be

  • Mindlin
  • Boussinesq

The user should refer to the PDisp manual for more information about these soil models.

Displacement Residual

The solution is converged when the convergence criteria are met. The convergence can be based on either or both of the relative displacement or absolute displacement change from one iteration to the next.

Force Residual

This is only used for piled-raft analysis and it is the tolerance of the pile-soil interaction force.