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Node Loads

Node loads are the most fundamental type of load. A node load is a force or moment applied to a particular node or set of nodes. Node loads can be applied in local (i.e. node constraint axis), global or user defined axis directions. User axes can be Cartesian, cylindrical or spherical.



The name is only used as a convenient way of identifying a load. Optional.

Node List

This specifies a list of nodes to be loaded using any one of the forms detailed in Lists. The list may be a single item.

In sculpt: The node list is set to the current selection set. The node list cannot be edited in the dialog

Load Case

This is the load case in which the load applies. The load case gives a way of grouping load effects together.


The axis in which the load is applied (global by default).


The direction of the loading, in the specified axis direction.


The magnitude of the load – either a force or a moment.